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Why Children Leave their Homes for the Streets?

Children who live in the streets survive outside the confines of the home where there are parents who provide nurturing and guidance. It is unusual and out of the norm for a child below the age of majority to be found living alone fending for himself or herself.

There are a number of factors that lead Young Girls to leave their
homes to make the streets their places of abode.

There are a number of factors that lead girls to leave their homes to make the streets their places of abode. The factors can be put into three classes which are economic, social and psychological

The other reasons that were cited by most children were mostly economic as they was need to come and look for work, that there was no food at home and failure to pay rent by their parents thus leading the children to take to the streets. Very few reported that they were in the streets because their parents were too strict or that they had been chased away by their parents. These were mostly children who were being taken care of at Shelter Trust.
Table on why girls leave their Homes

Reason Number
Lack of food at home 3
Having no money to pay rent 1
Having no one to stay with after death
of parents
Ill treatment by guardians 6
Coming to look for work 3
Disliking rules at home 1

Girls are driven into the streets mostly by death of parents. When the parents die at times the guardians are not able to treat the orphans
well as a result they run away to areas they are safer. Only one thought the harsh rules at home would lead a child to leave his/her home to come and live in the streets

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