"Freedom Experience, Experiencing Christ"

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Here are Some of our Day to Day Ministry Activities that we Carry out in Various Departments



Contributing in Christ

A chance to do something for the society and awaken souls and feel great .The joy and satisfaction of bringing a smile & love to others through our ministry organization

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Where is your Sister?

I am Rachael, I have A Story...This is My Story... Before you Judge those girls on the Street!! Read My True Life Story Which has turned into My Passionate Project Called Save A Girl

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Support Ugandan Orphans

Make them own a Future

An orphan is a child who doesn’t have parents. There are those who have lost only one parent; we refer to as half orphans. And there are those who have lost both parents; we refer to them as total orphans. In general, all these orphans live in very dismal conditions due to a number of factors. Uganda has 2.5 million orphans; 1.2 million of them are orphaned as a result of AIDS. Accidents are also common causes of orphaned children in Uganda. Those who get serious diseases like cancer, cholera and tuberculosis usually die as a result, because medical treatments are too expensive for those who are poor. This has also contributed to the rise in the number of orphans in Uganda. I believe that Me and You Can Transform These hopeless Kids into Kingdom Infants

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Grace Partner-Ship

Excelling in the Grace of Giving

We introduce GP Team of Freedom Experience Ministry for supporting in the furthering of the ministry and sustaining the work of God. This team exists to stand with the Ministers of God and with the Work of God to make the vision come true. With our Slogan that says “By Grace we partner with Christ”.

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