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About Freedom Experience

About the Ministry Freedom Experience is a Teaching ministry of the word that is driven by the purpose (“that believers may Subjectively realize the Full Knowledge of the Truth”1 timothy 2:4 Amp), experiencing God in the incarnated word (Christ) to be life and light to man with grace and reality for man’s enjoyment. We believe that total freedom in Christ comes by Experiencing the acquired truth in doctrine, Subjectively/practically for enjoyment and reality. Christ has explained, defined, declared, and expressed God, by being the Word incarnated to be life and light to man with grace and reality for man’s enjoyment. It is in this way, God was declared to man in the Son. Hence we have this ministry of Dispensing the All-Inclusive Christ to believers for their experience and enjoyment. This is the Divine Economy of God. Focusing on all the five New Testament purposes of the church, developing a healthy balance that makes lasting growth in Christ possible. Our ministry is committed to fulfilling all five tasks that Christ ordained for his church to accomplish. Bringing people to the Body of Jesus(Evangelism) and membership in His Family(Fellowship), developing them to Christ-like Maturity(Discipleship); and equip them for their Ministry in the Church and life mission in the world(Service) in order to magnify God’s name(Worship). We have branded all our ministry programs with the brand Freedom Experience.

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